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ZELS Gifts

Our cute gift packs are perfect for all occasions, from our Small Zampler (just right for brightening someone's day) to our Flavorful Favors Pack (the hit of the party).


To make it easy for you, we've organized our gifts by price.

If you want to see all the options at once, just click here or scroll down.

Don't forget: we offer free shipping (within the US) for orders over $200!

If you'd like to discuss special pricing for a large corporate gift order, please check out our Corporate Gift page and email us with details.

Gifts up to $25

Gifts up to $50

Gifts over $50

all gifts

All gifts

What snack lover wouldn't want to receive delicious, crunchy, gourmet flavored pretzels?

(That's a trick question because everybody loves ZELS!)

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