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My mother was known as a gracious hostess in her role as the Chancellor’s wife at the University of Missouri-Rolla. (Now Missouri University of Science and Technology).  When we moved there in 1963 she brought an unprecedented sense of style and glamor to campus and turned the 1889 Chancellor’s Residence into her own Camelot with tons of entertaining.

After Dad passed in 2014, she moved to Covington and I began recording her funny comments that became known as “Mom-isms” on social media. She passed in 2017 at age 92.   I still plan to compile a book someday!

Our founder, Marilyn, with her mom in 2014.


Momisms about chocolate and other foods

Me:  Is chocolate on top of your list of favorite foods?

Mom:  Yes.  It’s on top and it’s last too and everything in between.


Me:  Would you like a piece of chocolate?

Mom:  Yes please.  Two if you have them.

Me:  You’re just saying that because I brought you chocolate.

Mom:  Can you think of a better reason?

Me:    We love chocolate but we’d better watch our calories.

Mom:  Yes, we’ll watch them go by.

Me:  I’m going to make some cookies tonight.  How many do you want

me to bring to you tomorrow?

Mom:  How many are you going to make?

Me:  It’s late Mom.  Did you have a good day?

Mom:  Did I get three meals today?

Me:  I’m assuming you did.

Mom:  Then it was a good day.

Momisms about being a mom

Me:  I think you’re the best mom in the world.

Mom:  Now you’re talking.

Me:  I wouldn’t trade you for a million dollars.

Mom: You should.  That would be a bargain.

Me:  (putting cold cream on her face).  Where are your wrinkles?

Mom:  They’re coming.


Me:  You’re the sweetest Mom in the world.

Mom:  How did you find out?

Me:  (showing her flowers sent from my brother) Is he your favorite child?

Mom:  He’s one of two favorites.  (She’s very diplomatic!)

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Momisms about love

Me:   (Kissing her.)

Mom:  What do you want?

Me:  Your loving.

Mom:  You already have that and you can’t improve upon that.

Me:  Is there anything else I can get you?

Mom:  Yes, another barrel of loving.


Me: I’ll see you tomorrow Mom.

Mom:  Make tomorrow come soon.


Me:    (Kissing her 3 times)

Mom:  Is there any significance to three kisses?

Me:  It means I love you to the moon and back three times.

Mom:  I’ll just float around until you get back then.

Me:  How was your day Mom?

Mom:  Great now that you’re here.


Me:  I love you.

Mom:  I love you more because I’m bigger and older.

Me:  Yes you’re older.  You’re 91.

Me:  That’s too old for words.

Me:  Well that’s what it is.

Mom:  Am I really 91?  That’s too old.  Change it.