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Honey ZELS

Surprisingly savory, Honey ZELS are drizzled with honey (of course) and tossed with a flavorful garlic and spice mix. 

They go with everything from sandwiches and lemonade to a charcuterie board and champagne. 

Stock up on Honey ZELS in any size. You'll also find them in our Sweet No Heat and Savory & Sweet Regional Faves Gift Packs.


Pair Honey ZELS with a jar of Banana Pepper Mustard for a dipping experience you will love.

Honey ZELS are the bee's knees!


honey in bowl close up.jpg

If you'd like to discuss special pricing for a large corporate gift order, please email us.

Recipes with Honey ZELS
fruit tarts 4.jpg

Try a new recipe made with Honey ZELS, like these "Love Ya, Honey Fruit Tarts."

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