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Fiery ZELS

These pretzel nuggets are seasoned with a hefty dose of our Devil's Dust. Their heat rivals Kentucky asphalt on a July afternoon.

If you gobble up ghost peppers, Fiery ZELS will be a walk in the park. But for everyone else, they will set your mouth on fire with flavor!

Be brave and get Fiery ZELS in any size. You can also get straight Devil's Dust--eat it with a spoon if you dare! (Or use it as a spice rub or grilling seasoning.)

Cool the heat by dipping Fiery ZELS into Blue Cheese, Honey & Shallot spread--creamy and delicious!

The Daredevil Gift Pack is a great way to get all our spicy hot ZELS in one convenient package.

C'mon, we double dare you!


fiery in bowl close up.jpg

If you'd like to discuss special pricing for a large corporate gift order, please email us.

Recipes with Fiery ZELS

Try a new recipe made with Fiery ZELS, like this "Some Like It Hot Snack Mix."

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