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Citrus ZELS

Fruity with a zesty sweetness, Citrus ZELS are unlike any pretzels you've tried before.

The word "refreshing" isn't usually used to describe a pretzel, but Citrus ZELS are just that--refreshingly different.

Take a walk on the wild side and grab some Citrus ZELS in any size. We also recommend getting a jar of Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jam--it's a decadent dip for these ZELS.


Citrus ZELS can also be found in our Sweet No Heat and Spicy & Sweet Regional Faves Gift Packs. 

Are you ready for something new?


citrus in bowl close up.jpg

If you'd like to discuss special pricing for a large corporate gift order, please email us.

Recipes with Citrus ZELS

Try a new recipe made with

Citrus ZELS, like these "Chocolate Citrus Matchsticks."

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