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Cinna ZELS

One of our most popular flavors, the nooks and crannies of Cinna ZELS are filled with a delicious mix of sugar, cinnamon and a touch of salt.

They are the best kind of comfort food--like cinnamon toast, no toaster required!

Try Cinna ZELS in any size. We've also included them in our Sweet No Heat Gift Pack.

p.s. You've gotta try ZOLOS. They are Cinna ZELS + chocolate + caramel, all melted together = OMG good!


cinna in bowl closeup.jpg

If you'd like to discuss special pricing for a large corporate gift order, please email us.

Recipes with Cinna ZELS

Try a new recipe made with Cinna ZELS, like these "Ice Cream Cinna-wiches."

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